The sprinkler pipes effects just like artificial rain water which spreads in equal quantity which reaches to the root of the plants.. HDPE material is used to manufacture the Sprinkler Pipes which is know world wide for its reliability.. Properties Value M..F..I.. 190°C 5kg load 0..41 to 1..1gm/10 mins Specified base density 940..4 to 946..4 Kg/mtr 3 Meterial Grade PE-63 PE-80 PE-100 Carbon Blank 2..5 ± 0..5% Antioxidant <0..5% by mass Tensile strength min 27 ± 2°C 19MPa Testing speed = 100mm/min 10% Elongation >350% Reversion <=3% Advantages Portable & light weight – easy to handle Easy handling & quick installation by using coupler joint for both pipes Flexible and tough; hence can be applied to areas of variable topography Adaptable to nearly all irrigable soils since sprinklers are available in a wide range of discharge capacity Protection from sunrays as pipes are Ultra Violet Stabilized Durable and cost effective

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